Oludipe Oluwasanmi, a singer Spyro, also known as David, has disclosed his ideal girlfriend. He talked about how he wanted to wed a beautiful woman who loved Jesus, calling these women “Jesus’ baddies” in jest.
The crooner of “Who Is Your Guy” revealed this in a recent Hip TV interview.
“My spec is a Jesus baddie,” he declared. My spec is to know God but to be a badass. You know God, so don’t settle for mediocrity. Both your appearance and your speech should be polished. Engage in the vices of the world, but only for your spouse.
In response to the social media trolls who were pressuring him to choose between secular and gospel music, Spyro stated that his secular songs could be performed anywhere without affecting his devotion to God.
“In any situation You will always face criticism in anything you do in life. And all we need to do is decide. You can be described as either hot or cool. You can either be a follower of God or not.

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