I was a tailor before venturing into skit making’ – Carter Efe

Oderhwo Joseph Efe, better known as Carter Efe, is a well-known Nigerian comedian and sketch creator. He has disclosed that prior to becoming well-known, he worked as a tailor.

According to the crooner of “Machala,” comedy was ingrained in him.
He claimed that his early love of painting inspired him to learn tailoring at some point.
Carter Efe, who recently appeared on the Hip TV show Trending, presented by reality queen KimOprah, declared, “I’ve been funny since I was born.” I started performing stand-up comedy while I was a student. I used to just stand in front of the class during breaks and start making everyone laugh.I used to be a London tailor named “Obioma” before I started creating skits. I adore the arts. For instance, I edit my own sketches. I mentioned

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