I mean, really? “He Thought I Was A Call Girl,” Cynthia Morgan says of her unpleasant encounter with Davido.

She explained that she eventually met Davido through a fan who put her in touch with him over the phone, and that she got to know him in 2011 during the “Back When” period. But he hung up the phone abruptly.
Cynthia Morgan disclosed that her last interaction with him was when Jude Okoye, her former manager and record label owner, urged her to work with him. Despite their prior interactions, Davido was eager to hear Cynthia’s voice, so they decided to do it.
Because she didn’t attend his father’s birthday celebration, she now believes that Davido is making fun of her.
According to her:

The problem between Davido and me began back in

2011. I watched Davido for the first time in his song “Back When.” I had no idea who he was at the time, and the next person I heard about him was my late friend Mr. Alao, who played Dami Duro for me while he was a lecturer at Redeemers University. At the time, the song was without a visual, but I still thought it was amazing how energetic it was. He put me in touch with Davido so I could learn the song’s beat and perform a Refix, but he abruptly cut me off. But because I was so into the song, I asked for guidance from someone to help me understand the beat, and he was able to assist me. I completed a

song on it, but you never took it off.
My second experience was in 2013 when Davido entered the club with B-red and Sina Rambo while girls were having fun all around him. I was there with a close buddy. At the time, the person I was with—my P. A.—told me to go say hello to him. When I did, he shoved me off and thought I was one of the women who wanted to hook up with him. I still liked his songs and didn’t give a damn.
The third time I’ll see him is when Jude Okoye, my old boss, asked me to include Davido on a remix of Don’t Break My Heart.

I called Davido using the number he provided me. When I contacted Lati in 2014, one of his assistants answered and informed me that he wasn’t in the office. When he phoned me back in less than an hour, Davido was excited and asked me to include him on the song “Taken.” He invited me to his father’s birthday celebration following the business call, but I declined due to our prior interactions. That seems to be the reason he began.

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