A Nigerian woman publicly praises her husband, describing him as the most honest and industrious person who would rather perform any menial task than commit fraud.

On the microblogging site X, a person going by the handle Mrs. Zanga posted a heartfelt tribute to her spouse.

Mr. and Mrs. Zanga

Using pictures of him performing various odd chores, the woman highlighted his honesty and unwavering devotion to his family.

In a social media post that has already received over a million hits, the woman defied trolls’ disparaging remarks by standing her ground.

I married a man who, rather than commit fraud, would rather do this for his family. I wed a man you can rely on with your construction endeavors. He takes responsibility. I married a man who can add value for money and who understands the worth of every single penny. He’s trustworthy,” she wrote.

Lady compliments her husband, saying, “I married a man who would rather do this than fraud.”
Reactions as a woman commends her husband for his willingness to work on any project other than fraud
TW”I just love the love btw u and ur family,” Klint said. No, I don’t think they are.

According to empopson, “Everything isn’t about social media. This is not the worst work that many men do.

“Amen, una go divorce soon πŸ™,” stated OfficialEl6.

“Haha funny thing is he might be even working for a fraud boy πŸ˜‚,” Big_graceee commented.

“We still have some guys that do legit business and job,” ChrityLomo wrote.Like my husband, who is a tiler and an expert in his field, he cannot engage in any unlawful activity in order to exist in this country.

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