She went on to say that due to the family’s health history, her parents sought a kidney donor from outside the family.

Following Ekweremadu’s Friday sentence of nine years and eight months in prison by a UK court for organ trafficking, Sonia told British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that her father’s family has a history of kidney problems.

Ekweremadu’s wife, Beatrice, was also given a four-year, six-month sentence.

While looking for a donor for Sonia, who is currently on dialysis, the couple became involved in the organ trafficking case.

Sonia, 25, however, explained that she needed to find a donor outside of her family because she had a gene.

In March, Ekweremadu had told a UK court that his brother Diwe, a doctor, had advised him to choose a non-family kidney donor for Sonia.

It’s tragic. It has been truly difficult to really understand it, as a matter of fact. I recognize the conviction; I personally do not support it. However, that is based on an extremely skewed viewpoint. Naturally, as their daughter, I would always support my parents. Sonia, however, was quoted by BBC as saying, “But the law has taken its course and we have to just move forward as a family.”

The APO1 gene was in me. As far as we might be concerned, that sort of prohibited the family, particularly on my father’s side since they have all in all a past filled with kidney conditions.”

She responded, “Yes, I am aware that the donor who is at the center of the case is portrayed as my cousin.” Yea, I mean, I can’t respond to that,” adding that she didn’t “feel anything toward him” and that she “want him to enjoy all that life has to offer.”

As indicated by her, she felt remorseful for the situation that has occurred for her family, adding that her illustration from the entire luck is that life is dynamic.

Life is incredibly dynamic. She stated, “You are in your house relaxing one day, and the next day, your entire life is turned upside down.”

“I don’t figure it could at any point be something very similar. Since I believe I am to blame for everything, I feel guilty.

She furthered that though some persons came forward as donors after the case went public, she is still on dialysis but “hopefully, I would be able to get the transplant soon.”

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