Harrysong is a Nigerian artist who is renowned for his unique blend of Afro-pop and highlife music. His latest release, “Alat”, has been creating quite a buzz among music lovers. This song is a perfect embodiment of Harrysong’s musical style, which combines the traditional sounds of Nigeria with modern pop beats.

“Alat” is a song about love and the lengths people go to express their feelings. The track features Harrysong’s signature soulful vocals over a catchy beat. The lyrics are in the Yoruba language, which adds to the song’s authenticity and cultural significance.

The song’s music video is also a visual feast, with vibrant colors and cultural references throughout. The video features Harrysong and his love interest in various romantic scenes, highlighting the song’s message of love and devotion.

Overall, “Alat” is another great addition to Harrysong’s impressive catalog of music. It is a track that showcases his unique style and cultural roots while also being musically pleasing to a wider audience. Fans of Harrysong and lovers of Afro-pop music will surely enjoy this latest release.



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