Grammy is fake” Civilians rages as Grammy mistakes Fela Kuti’s ‘Water’ to Tyla’s ‘Water’, plays it while she received her plaque

Last night, during the 66th Grammy annual musical award ceremony a heated number of superstars most fans think deserves a Grammy Award was ignored and stripped of their nomination handling the plaques to many stars the public assumed odd.

This prompted debates as most civilians protested that the Grammy Organisers are not genuine as they are prompt of handling the plaques to their favourite artist or who they want to give the plaque.
To prove this right, Fans also discovered that after the south African singer, Tyla clinched her Grammy plaque, Fela Kuti ‘Water’ was played in the background instead of her actual song ‘Water’ that clinched the trophy.
This even infused their grieving sparking even more reactions as they protest that the Grammys disrespect Africans.

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