A woman from Nigeria who ardently supported President Tinubu before the election is now bemoaning the startling increase in the cost of living in her nation.

The young lady conveyed her deep displeasure with the way the economy is now being handled by the government, which is run by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The woman, who was speaking in fervent Yoruba, emphasized the dire economic problems that the people were suffering and claimed that the high cost of living had reached a breaking point where people were finding it difficult to make ends meet.

“Go from your position so someone else can take over if you are incapable of ruling” – woman who actively supported President Tinubu blasts him out
She made particular mention of an instance in which she received a charge for N70,000 for a one-room apartment from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).even with just a fan.

The disgruntled fan also touched on the rising cost of housing rent, pointing out that it has risen to an extent that is becoming unaffordable for a growing number of people.

She continued by saying that the government should think about resigning in order to make room for more skilled leadership if they are unable to put effective measures in place to save the economy.

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