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Frank Warren, a vengeful promoter, may sue talkSport commentator

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and Oleksander Usyk were getting ready for their bout on February 17 when the former is said to have suffered an injury during a practice session. Real-time updates state that the fight would be postponed until May 18 due to the cut, which is purportedly on the right side of the forehead.
WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and heavyweight champions Oleksander Usyk, WBA, WBO, and IBF will continue to train and bide their time until then.
Following the announcement of the development by Queensbury Promotions, a number of prominent figures expressed grave doubts regarding the validity of the wound. Due to his remarks, Adam Catterall may now face legal action from Fury’s promoter.
Frank Warren recently stated the following during a Fight Wire interview:
“It’s unbelievable that talkSPORT chose Adam Catterall to discuss boxing; he spews out the biggest pile of shit ever, and his remarks are slanderous.” It is defamatory to say, “There are no timelines on the photo, how do we know it is real?”
I will be sending him a solicitor’s letter on Monday, in which he will provide an apology for his words and actions.
“That idiot coming out for what he comes out with is beyond a joke,” said Fury, who is cut and has fifteen stitches in his eye.
Some may counter that expressing skepticism about something is not the same as labeling it a fiction.
As soon as Egis Klimas, Oleksander Usyk’sThe manager mentioned Fury’s apparent wound and mentioned that Fury had advised someone to scald it with a frying pan. Many would be curious as to what made the talkSport pundit’s statement unique.
Warren continued, saying, “I do expect it from [talkSPORT]. Adam and I have done a podcast together, so I didn’t used to.” It’s simply so foolish and frustrating.How does he feel? That people are bringing in sparring partners for fights with millions upon millions of pounds in promotion, and it’s not a cut? Does he believe that his excellency and the medical professionals haven’t noticed it while he is out in Riyadh? What a foolish comment to make, as it reveals his motivations andYou know his plan.I’ll personally sue him if he doesn’t apologize for what he said.

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