Flavour Nabania, popularly known as Flavour, is a Nigerian highlife musician and songwriter. He has released numerous hit songs that have topped charts in Nigeria and beyond. One of his popular songs is “Baby Oku” which is a danceable tune loved by many.

The song “Baby Oku” is a blend of highlife and contemporary beats that make it a perfect dance song. The lyrics of the song are in Igbo language, one of the major languages in Nigeria. The song talks about a beautiful lady who captures the attention of everyone with her beauty and dance moves.

The rhythm of the song is infectious, making it a favorite among club DJs and party goers. The song has a way of lifting people’s spirits and putting them in a dancing mood. It is a perfect tune for occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and other social events.

“Baby Oku” is one of Flavour’s most successful songs, and it has garnered millions of views on YouTube. The song is a testament to Flavour’s talent as a musician and his ability to create music that cuts across different genres.

In conclusion, “Baby Oku” is a danceable tune that has captured the hearts of many music lovers. The song is a perfect blend of highlife and contemporary beats, making it a favorite among party goers and club DJs. Flavour’s talent as a musician is evident in this hit song, and it is no surprise that it has become one of his most successful tunes.


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