Doyin finds it difficult to recognize Nigeria’s Nobel laureate

In a recent interview, reality star Doyin encountered difficulties answering questions regarding general knowledge and Nigeria’s Nobel laureate. Her failure to recognize Wole Soyinka, the Nobel laureate, and the Inspector General of Police was brought to light in the Morning Brief feature.

BBDoyin is a Nigerian celebrity.
She admitted that she didn’t know the inspector general of police when the interviewer first inquired who he was.
He next inquired as to the identity of Nigeria’s lone Nobel winner, to which Doyin once more came up blank.
Then, since entertainment is her specialty, Doyin begged the interviewer to ask her questions about it.
It is important to note that Wole Soyinka is the only Nigerian to have won a Nobel Prize.
Reactions when Doyin is asked to identify who Nigeria’s

The recipient of the Nobel Prize is…
“I loved how she confidently stated that she does not know it; we learn every day, and she will never forget this question,” fashion_magicblog commented.
Funmi.moh said: “Doyin, I don’t agree with this. When it comes to knowledge, you have no boundaries. It truly is power.
“Doyin is actually very intelligent and well spoken,” said simply_musah. They are free to express themselves. It’s okay if you don’t know everything there is to know.
“It’s because Wole Soyinka is not living on the Island πŸ˜…,” said chefdeee.

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