Don’t be tool for personal vendetta – Adeyanju tells police over VeryDarkMan’s arrest

Deji Adeyanju, a rights activist and attorney based in Abuja, has called on the Nigeria Police Force to put public safety first and refrain from using the force as a means of pursuing personal grudges.As he made the call, he denounced the detention of well-known campaigner VeryDarkMan.
He signed a statement in which he expressed worry at the abuse of police authority that was supposed to serve and protect the people. “I firmly believe that law enforcement agencies should prioritize their efforts in fighting crime and ensuring public safety. I strongly condemn the recent arrest of Very Dark Man and the harassment of innocent citizens by the police.” Diving into civil disputes that don’t immediately endanger the public’s welfare wastes valuable resources and weakens the between the individuals the police serve and themselves.

“All citizens are entitled to equal treatment under the law, irrespective of their background. Very Dark Man’s arrest calls into severe doubt the police’s justice and impartiality when dealing with members of underprivileged communities. Such acts have the potential to widen already-existing social gaps and damage public trust in the legal system

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