A Nigerian woman sparks a contentious discussion by advising other women on what to do in the event that a man approaches them on their first date and seeks to make love.

She posted a video on her @eveilfriend5 Tiktok profile in which she voiced her opinions.

She claims that most men these days like to act as though they are interested in sleeping with women by offering a relationship.

She counseled ladies to be proactive by requesting payment when they engage in such behavior after realizing their tendency.

“Don’t agree to sleep with him if he doesn’t give you money,” a lady advises a fellow female
She argues that it is better to face the possibility of being accused of prostitution than to allow the man to have a free night with them under the pretense of a partnership.

View a few responses to the video here.

“I hope you can defend this video when your husband is asked for an explanation a few years from now,” inquired @prince.

“I swear that if that happens to me, I won’t fit cry or feel sorry for myself until you give me that money. I promise that I will forgive you,” @timagold2323 continued.

“I swear my sister you’re saying the truth,” stated @Cutebae84.

According to @stannleynn, “As an Edo male, our women are the worst for this current generation of Gen Z. I don’t get upset when I see stereotypes since there are a lot of true stories hidden underneath. Nothing is just the head.

“She is spitting fact but they will still drag her,” observed @agbala_nwanyi001. Men in pain won’t like this article.

In response, @neetah_00 said, “She has a point though! πŸ˜‚Don’t let a man eat you for free who has no serious intentions toward you.”

Watch the video here.


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