Certain individuals contend that Runtown’s commitments to the Nigerian music industry can’t be disregarded, while others accept that he needs more hit tunes to legitimacy such a title.

A Twitter user asserted that Runtown shouldn’t be a part of the legend debate because he only has two hit singles, so everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that music is highly personal, and what one person considers to be a hit may not be the same for another.

True to form, Runtown is most well-known for his smash singles “Mad Over You” and “For Life.” These songs were huge hits not only in Nigeria but also in Africa and beyond. For Runtown, “Mad Over You,” in particular, was a game-changer because it won him numerous awards and praise. However, it is simply not true that he hasn’t had any hit songs since then.

Other hit songs from Runtown include “Energy,” “Unleash,” “International Badman Killa,” and “Said.” as well as “Oh Oh Oh (Lucie).” These tunes have likewise delighted in gigantic airplay on radio and Television slots across the mainland and have been streamed great many times on different computerized stages.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Runtown is more than just a hit song. He is a gifted vocalist and lyricist who has contributed essentially to the development and advancement of Afrobeat music. Many artists who have come after him have been influenced by his style and sound, and he continues to be an inspiration to many young musicians.

While certain individuals may not concur that Runtown should be remembered for the discussion of music legends, denying his effect on the Nigerian music industry is troublesome. His contributions to the development and growth of Afrobeat music cannot be overlooked, and he has given us some hits that will live long in our memory.

DO YOU Concur?? Max, I’d like to hear from you. Runtown shouldn’t be involved in the Legends Convo because he only has two hit songs.

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