DJ YK Mule is a rising name in the music industry. His latest release, “The Lords Doings Beat” is an infectious, upbeat track that combines afrobeat and hip-hop influences. The track is sure to have you dancing and grooving along to its rhythms.

The beat of the track is propelled by the upbeat afrobeat drums and the heavy hip-hop bass. It has a very clean and crisp production that is well-suited for a nightclub environment. The chorus of the track is catchy and memorable. The lyrics tell a story of a man that is doing his best to make it in the world.

The track is filled with clever wordplay and catchy hooks. The verses are full of witty and clever rhymes that are sure to keep listeners engaged. The song is perfect for any club or party. It also has the potential to become an anthem for anyone trying to make it in the world.

DJ YK Mule is truly a rising star in the music industry. His latest release, “The Lords Doings Beat” is sure to get people dancing and grooving. With its infectious beat, clever lyrics, and catchy hooks, this track is sure to be a hit.

DJ YK, a renowned Nigerian DJ and prolific beat creator, releases an amazing song titled “The Lords Doing Beat.”
Additionally, “Mafagbomo,” his previous debut performance, is quickly followed by this outstanding rendition.

In the end, this original composition is a hit that you should include on your playlist if you like good music.

Listen in and post your comments below!


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