“DJ Cora and Godiratty have come together to create an electrifying new single, Idan. This track is a force to be reckoned with, combining the best of both artists’ styles for a truly unique sound.

The beat of Idan is an infectious mix of dance music and hip-hop, with Cora’s signature scratching adding an extra layer of excitement. Meanwhile, Godiratty’s unique flow and lyrical prowess provide a perfect counterpoint to the track’s upbeat energy.

Idan is a must-listen for anyone looking for an exciting new sound. Cora and Godiratty have truly outdone themselves on this one, creating something that will be sure to make waves in the music scene. So make sure to check out Idan and get ready to dance!”

DJ Cora, a phenomenally gifted Nigerian disc jockey and prolific hit producer, has released a mind-blowing song titled “Idan.”
He enlisted the help of Godiratty, a highly talented and rising Nigerian singer-songwriter, in order to release this record.

The viral trend “Idan,” which has dominated the social media sphere because the majority of the online content is related to it, also had an influence on this fantastic song.

This captivating song is a follow-up to his last debut release, “Shey Normal,” which is just as timeless as the song described above.

In the end, if you enjoy good music, you should add this original composition to your playlist.

Take a listen and comment below!


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