Davido spends a lot of money on a customized diamond pendant called “Timeless” that costs half a billion dollars (Video).

Davido, an Afrobeat legend, once more used his reputation for wealth to get a personalized diamond pendant for his TIMELESS record.

This time, the artist used a UK jewelry company called LJB Jewelries, who realized his ambition of having a grill.

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The jewelry is anticipated to be worth a generation’s worth of money (Β£500,000), having spent a lot of money to buy diamonds that symbolize his Timeless album achievement.

The handmade pendant, according to LKB Jewelries, is a tribute to the success of his most recent studio album, “Timeless,” thus far.

They said:

“Hand-selected diamonds and painstaking attention to detail were used to create this classic ‘hourglass’ design. a rotating hourglass that is covered in diamond dust.

“A “A 1.5 kilogram, 350ct diamond pendant. with great care and attention to detail. Hand-selected diamonds make up this magnificent pendant, which is built with a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond atop the pendant. Four 0.5ct pear-shaped diamonds make up the center. A 30-point border around the hourglass and a 30-point border for the “30 Billion Gang.” across the custom Cuban chain reads “30BG.” Baguette cut display with ’30BG’.

“Designed in-house by our Local Kettle Brothers jewellery specialist team Cole, Emmanuel, and Ethan.”

“The “Timeless” pendant is a stunning work of art created especially for Davido. True to Davido’s distinctive style, the “Timeless” pendant is a representation of creativity, inspiration, and timeless beauty that will decorate the wearer for countless generations.

Davido has previously demonstrated his taste.

However, we now know that this piece of jewelry is the most expensive he has purchased since his musical career peaked.

The major social media sites are overrun with ecstatic fans who are expressing their shock and admiration for their idol.

Watch the video here;