The soul-stirring song “gw Nd M (Jesus Paid In Full)” by Nigerian gospel singer, clergyman, and worship leader Chinyere Udoma makes her presence known.

The lovely singer Chinyere Udoma expresses her thankfulness for the high price Jesus paid for our sins by singing “gw Nd M (Jesus Paid In Full)” in her music.

The popular gospel song “gw Nd M (Jesus Paid In Full),” which is an Igbo term that means “Paid for my life,” is described above.
Additionally, “Happy December,” her most recent debut release, is quickly followed by this outstanding song.

During Easter, “gw Nd M” is a song to reflect on the cost Jesus Christ paid for us by offering himself for everyone.

In Finally, if you love good music, you should add this original work to your playlist.

Take a listen and comment below!


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