Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, who is nominated for a Grammy, has pushed the federal government and Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to act decisively against the military in order to prevent a coup.The contentious musician was responding to the taunts sent towards the Governor by some soldiers who have not yet been named, for detaining one of their comrades for a traffic infraction.
He pointed out that politicians would likewise be negatively impacted if the military’s excesses are not restrained.
In addition, Kuti made fun of the troops for allegedly threatening to “humiliate” social media personality VeryDarkMan for supporting Sanwo-Olu’s stance and claiming that the military only intimidates citizens while fleeing terrorist attack.
The artist remarked, “I didn’t want to speak on this very matter but” in an Instagram live session with followers.I noticed a video of one of the rogue soldiers threatening to humiliate VeryDarkMan for voicing an opinion over Sanwo-Olu’s arrest of one of their comrades when I opened my Instagram this morning. Consider living in a free nation.
“You folks don’t comprehend anything, Sanwo-Olu and company. Do you believe that you politicians are safe from these youngsters in the military? Are you still unaware of what a military coup is? If you don’t perform your job right now, put an end to the military’s impunity, confine them to their barracks, and deal with their f*ckups whenever they f*ck up. Make sure the commander of the barracks to which the soldier is attached is transferred if he misbehaves.

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