Burna Boy – Normal

Burna Boy, a gifted singer-songwriter from Nigeria, has once again displayed his musical talent with the release of his outstanding track, “Normal.” Burna Boy’s most recent release this year follows a succession of previously released songs that have won over audiences all around the world.

Burna Boy’s much awaited 15-track album, “I Told Them…”, has “Normal” as the second track. Each song on this body of work exemplifies Burna Boy’s distinct style and aptitude for blending numerous genres with ease, producing a really engrossing listening experience.

The song “Normal” was created by the accomplished music producer MAG, who expertly built a musical backdrop that flawlessly complemented Burna Boy’s soulful voice and insightful words. The chemistry between MAG and Burna Boy is A flawless combination of sound and emotion is heard throughout the song.

You will without a doubt be reminded of Burna Boy’s incredible brilliance and his ability to connect with fans on a profound level when you lose yourself in the alluring melodies and reflective lyrics of “Normal” as you listen to it. This song offers as evidence of his talent and strengthens his standing as one of Nigeria’s most important musicians.
Therefore, take a seat, unwind, and let Burna Boy’s music to carry you there. Share “Normal” with your friends, listen to it, and let this great musician’s genius wash over you.

Listen and download below.