THERE IS NO LONGER A JUSTIFICABLE JUSTICE for the medical facilities to keep breaking the law by turning away gunshot and “one-chance” victims. This week, the inexcusable legal violation resurfaced in the public eye as a result of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s concern over the hospitals’ refusal to accept these victims. However, this law is practical. Muhammad Pate, the minister of health, ought to announce and carry out consequences against the hospitals breaking the law.
To be fair, the government is horrified that hospitals continue to arbitrarily ignore the Gunshot Act of 2017. It “mandates all medical facilities to provide for the compulsory treatment and care for victims of gunshots and related matters,” among other things. Hence, for a period of seven years, hospitals have compromised.the government’s goal of preserving life.
In retrospect, medical professionals blame allegations of evidence tampering and police harassment for abandoning accident and gunshot victims to their fate. This is against the Hippocratic Oath, which physicians took to preserve life. The Nigerian Medical Association needs to raise awareness among physicians and urge them to uphold the law and the oath.
A portion of Section 20 of the National Health Act 2014 stipulates that “A health care provider, health worker, or health establishment shall not refuse a person emergency medical treatment for any reason,” going beyond their Hippocratic duties. Upon conviction, an offender faces a fine of N100,000, a six-month jail sentence, or both. The government ought to enforce this as well.

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