P Square has released several mixtapes that have gained popularity over the years. These mixtapes feature a blend of different genres and showcase their versatility and talent. Here are some of their most famous mixtape,
This mixtape was released in 2003 and marked the beginning of P Square’s career.

Released in 2013, this mixtape was a collaboration with DJ Max, also known as the “King of DJs.” It featured a mix of old and new songs, blending P Square’s hits with popular dance tracks.
P Square has had several songs that have topped the charts and become instant hits. Here are some of their trending songs that fans still love today.
This catchy and upbeat track was released in 2005 and quickly became a fan favorite. It showcased P Square’s ability to blend African rhythms with modern pop sensibilities, creating a unique sound that resonated with listeners.
Released in 2005, this song became an instant hit and propelled P Square to international recognition.

It featured their signature harmonies and catchy melodies, making it a staple at parties and nightclubs.
This emotional ballad was released in 2008 and showcased P Square’s vocal range and storytelling abilities. It resonated with fans around the world and gained airplay on radio stations across Africa and the Caribbean.
Released in 2010, this song was a fusion of traditional African rhythms with contemporary pop sounds. It topped the charts in several countries and showcased P Square’s ability to blend different cultures and create catchy music.

P Square’s music has had a profound impact on the music industry, and their mixtapes have played a significant role in their success.
Their trending songs and old school hits continue to resonate with fans around the world, a testament to their enduring appeal. As they continue to release new music, their influence and influence on the music industry is sure to remain significant.


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