Being a single father is far simpler than being married to one’s ex-wife, according to Justin Dean, the separated husband of well-known Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, who is currently in the US.
He claimed that, contrary to his first belief, dating would be “harder” for him as a single father, but that “girls like a single Dad.”
In a recent interview, the American physician revealed this to media personality Daddy Freeze.
“It’s easier to be a single dad than it is to be married to my ex-wife,” he remarked. I had assumed that dating would be more difficult, but girls prefer single dads. They view a single father as dependable and focused on his family. since many of the guys here aren’t. I adore it. I really do adore it.
Dad who is not married is an significant aspect of my existence. I do everything for my children. I therefore put in a lot of effort for them. I’m a man of the family. I don’t like girls who don’t do anything. In 2022, Dean accused Korra of infidelity, which led to the collapse of his marriage to her.

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