This question was posed to me by someone, and I thought it would make sense to ask my fellow Naijaloadites. NOTE: 99.9% of Nigerian husbands won’t be happy if their wife earns more than them. Even if you are reading this post, you are unable to accept it unless you want to cap #NoCap!

Monetary security is a fundamental part of any effective marriage, and having an accomplice who procures a top level salary can unquestionably add to that strength of that Marriage – honestly.

Most Nigerian husbands want their wives to earn huge incomes but not more than them. They also want their wives to be successful but not more than them because they feel they won’t have control over their home again and that’s true..

Nigerian women are something else when they are the ones feeding and providing for the family. The husband will automatically become their boy as they believe they can treat him anyhow. This might not be true everywhere but in most cases, it’s true.

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