Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo, also known as Cross, is a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars. He has stated that CeeC, a teammate, “bullied” him on Friday during the Innoson task.

that CeeC, the recipient of a brand-new SUV—the Innoson Ikenga MVP—won the Innoson task.

Cross stated CeeC “bullied” him from his position during the game in a Friday night conversation with Mercy and Pere, two other roommates.

He bemoaned the fact that, despite receiving heavenly orders to start at number two, CeeC refused to give up his starting spot for him when the game resumed and went on to win.

He insisted that CeeC, his close friend and BFF, was the reason he was whining, not the car.

Cross stated, “I’m not a fan of It hurts when men are harassed. Being a gentleman: what is it? We’ve been at the same location since everyone started going to their spots [positions in the Innoson task].

“I was aware that NO: 2 was the ideal location. God instructed me to visit NO: 2. I was certain I wanted to attend. You are unable to come here and alter anything I have already completed. As a gentleman, I told you to come to your apartment, but you refused, saying that it was just a game.

“I was aware of it. My intuition had warned me from the start. As you can see, I rushed to NO: 2 right away, but CeeC harassed me and replaced me.

“There’s no need to cry over spilled milk,” Mercy implied.

Cross stated:Yes, I am aware. However, it all depends on how things turned out in the end. When I told CeeC where I was, she said, “No, leave.” It’s an activity.

“The character is what matters, not the car. It’s the deed. We’ve been laughing and playing together. And you had a different idea all along. Man, this game is f**k.

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