According to Nigerian musician Hotkid, Asake was destitute and homeless prior to getting signed to renowned rapper Olamide’s record label, YBNL Nation.The crooner known as “Mr. Money,” according to him, was moving people’s apartments and had even admitted to him that he was depressed.
He said this while recently appearing as a guest on KimOprah’s Hip TV show Trending.
“The funny thing is that I never knew there was depression,” remarked Hotkid. Let me now just quickly tell you this story. Early in 2020, Asake told me he was depressed while he was in my room. I was unable to comprehend.My birthday buddy is Asake. He was in my room, fast asleep. He didn’t have an apartment back then. He was merely moving people’s residences. He was in One night, I was in my room thinking, How long does he want to do this for? I was putting him at ease. I was unaware that I was going into depression.
I often claim that it is simpler to offer advice when one is not standing in another person’s shoes. I therefore feel sorry for people when I see them in certain circumstances. Avoid passing judgment. You’re not an opinionated person. You’re not flawless. God is the one assisting you. Do you believe that the individuals you are criticizing are content with the circumstances they are in? I used to be like that, but I’ve since learned better.

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