Asake Ft. Olamide’s new single ‘Amapiano’ has been making waves in the music industry since its release. The energetic and upbeat track has been praised for its catchy rhythm and unique sound. But who murdered the song most?

The answer is neither Asake nor Olamide. Instead, it is the production team behind the track. From the sound of the drums and synths to the perfect placement of the vocal harmonies, the production team did an excellent job in creating a track that stands out. The use of the tempo shifts and the incorporation of various traditional African instruments give the song its distinct sound.

The song also features a standout performance from both Asake and Olamide. Asake’s voice is smooth and captivating while Olamide’s delivery is infectious and energetic. Both artists do a great job of creating a seamless and cohesive sound.

Ultimately, it is the production team that murdered the song most. Their creative and innovative production choices make the song stand out from the rest and give it a unique personality. Asake and Olamide also do a great job of adding their own flair to the track, but it is the production team’s work that makes ‘Amapiano’ one of the most exciting tracks of the year.

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