The controversial singer Portable Omolalomi sparks conversation as he shares that his biggest fear in life is poverty.

The artist shared a video interview from an earlier interview on his Instagram page, sharing his concerns about poverty, emphasizing how failure is not accepted, and resolving to avoid financial difficulties.


He stressed that, as long as it guarantees his financial security, he is willing to pursue a variety of endeavors to achieve financial stability, such as work as a musician, entertainer, or content developer. He did, however, assert quite firmly that he could not tolerate deception.

Portable highlighted the fierce competition in the entertainment sector, characterizing it as a place where one must fend for themselves.for oneself. He restated his commitment to fighting poverty.

“You have to defend yourself in the entertainment world, which is like a war zone. You have to battle everything in that life. Poverty is something we have to fight in life. They don’t celebrate failure, so I don’t want to go bankrupt.

“I can do everything since I am a content producer, musician, and entertainer, but I cannot steal. He said, “I’m a street kid from SOS (Save Our Soul).

Reactions when Portable says that poverty is his biggest worry
“You don’t want to go broke, but your mouth dey run Abi,” wrote Roger Faustin.

“But you dey fight people wey help you,” wrote Yo Of Ib.

“True talk,” written by Prince Richie,

Elv211 penned, “Explain that noisy, mobile battle against destitution

Pretty David from Lagos stated, “Portable just expresses the reality. I am working two jobs at a time since I don’t want to go bankrupt.

“I swear na war,” wrote a well-known star girl.

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