The recently finished Big Brother Naija All Stars reality program included Angel Smith, a former housemate, and Soma, who fell in love. Smith has stated that she is amenable to marrying Soma.

The lovebirds were evicted a week prior to the finale, therefore they were unable to go to the final.

Angel clarified that her relationship with Soma on The House was “real” and not a ploy, as some had assumed, in a recent interview with TVC.

“What we [Soma and I] had in the House was very real,” she declared. I might not be into him, to be honest. Maybe it’s not meant to be. We may decide against getting married. We might not stop there.

However, if he Soma If [propose], then sure, I’m willing to consider it. Thus, I would say that he is currently my person for the time being. He’s also a darling, and I hope it comes across to others.

“I’m living in the now for me. For me, there is no end in sight. I now find this enjoyable. It’s good if it works out. But we try again if it doesn’t work. One person shouldn’t be the end of love. I don’t give a damn about what other people think. I’m concerned about how I feel.

In the meantime, Soma disclosed that he intends to begin a family the next year in a post-eviction interview.

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