An Insight into Davido and Burna Boy’s Grammy Awards 2024

This stretched to the dimension of musical awards, where the two stars have attained global recognition.

The year 2024 has already been termed a prosperous year in the field of the Afrobeat genre, following how their stars bagged a whooping space in one of the major categories of highly profiled musical awards.
Among these stars, the likes of Burna Boy and Davido attained the most colorful nominations in various categories that have defined their worth.
Before we dive into the beauty of this comparison, we will have to briefly explore the two Giants’ status.

Burna Boy

Through his reputation and what he has achieved in the history of Afrobeat, he is recognized as the pinnacle of the current global growth of the genre.
However, before this, he had come a long way. Before fame, Burna Boy was a mediocre and struggling upcoming gem who never hesitated to deploy classics.
Despite the nature of his status, he was able to debut with the Nigerian music firm with an extraordinary hit album ‘L.I.F.E.’ that boosted his status. One of the hit tracks of the album ‘Like to Party’, to date, is still bagging numbers.
He attained a status every single artist craved, to the extent that he stretched to another dimension where his potential infused into the Grammy phase.
Securing a satisfying space in the Afrobeat curriculum, Burna Boy released his life-changing album ‘The African Gaint’, which included several hit tracks that earned him his first Grammy nominations, which he lost to Angelique Kidjo.
The following year, he bounced back with his iconic ‘Twice as Tall’ album, which no single Afrobeat music enthusiast resisted streaming.
As anticipated, it still earned him a whopping Grammy nomination, which he triumphed over, this time registering his name as one of the few Nigerian musicians to have attained a Grammy nomination.
Since this impact, his global tour and sales have increased at a higher rate, making him emerge as a Nigerian treasure.


The Afrobeat sensation Davido, despite his prosperous status, defied all odds and established his status in the music category.
He is an image of inspiration that has soared incredibly to the phase every single star admires, but before this glory, David Adeleke started from the core.
The Nigerian singer abandoned school despite the heavy funds his multi-billionaire father deployed on it and focused fully on music, which incredibly paid off.
He became the toll of attention, attracting even more reputation after releasing his debut album, ‘Omo Baba Olowo’. He attained prominence in the music curriculum.
The album sold massively to the extent that fans were quick to discover his potential, thrusting him to dive deeper into his craft.
Attaining several global music awards, Davido encountered struggles with the phase of Grammy Award nominations he lately attained via his influence at the peak of his career.

Grammy Dominance

In this phase, Burna Boy embodied the most respected reputation, following how he had long attained the most honor. However, Davido’s debut in this category fulfilled his potential to be compared with the likes of Burna Boy and Wizkid.
The year 2023 foresaw the singer bagging a whopping number of three Grammy award nominations, which did define the quality of his album, ‘Timeless’, that attained him the nomination.
His first nomination was featured in the category of ‘Best African Performance’, which he bagged with his song ‘Unavailable’ featuring Musa Keys. The second nomination foresaw him bagging a place in the category of ‘Best Global Music Performance’ he bagged with his song ‘Feel’. The third nomination soared him to the category of ‘Best Global Album’ he attained with his album ‘Timeless’.
Burna Boy emerged as the highest-profile figure in this phase, following a convincing number of four nominations.
This features in the categories of the best global music album, best African music performance, best global music performance, and best melodic rap performance he bagged with his hit songs ‘I Told Them’ (Album), ‘City Boys’, ‘Alone’, and ‘Sittin’ on Top of the World’.
Having secured what seemed to be a toll of debate and anticipation, the controversies have soared to another dimension as Burna Boy and Davido are set to add to his Grammy plaque collection in February 2024.

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