ALABARES OFFICE OF PROMOTION The King of DJs, DJ MAX, releases the dazzling mixtape “SHALLIPOPI VS DERRIQ ONLINE MIXTAPE.” This much awaited mixtape is certain to enthrall music fans and highlight the extraordinary talent of these two amazing performers.

Listeners can anticipate an exhilarating fusion of musical styles, showcasing the best songs from SHALLIPOPI and DERRIQ, with DJ MAX at the helm.

This online mixtape combines the contagious sounds of SHALLIPOPI with the lyrical skill of DERRIQ, promising to take listeners on a musical journey unlike any other.

SHALLIPOPI, who is renowned for his catchy tunes and upbeat performances, has established himself as a major force in the music business. His distinctive sound, which combines pop and Afrobeat elements, has won him a devoted following.

worldwide. His number-one singles “Shake It,” “Party All Night,” and “Love in the Air” are among those on this mixtape that listeners may anticipate hearing.

The mixtape’s distinctive flavor is added by DERRIQ, whose thought-provoking lyrics and beautiful melodies provide depth to the music. He has garnered praise from critics and a devoted fan base thanks to his ability to slickly combine R&B with Afro-soul.

On this outstanding mixtape, fans may listen to his soul-stirring songs like “Lost in Your Love,” “Healing,” and “Rise Up.”

The “SHALLIPOPI VS DERRIQ ONLINE MIXTAPE” is an outstanding example of the skills and artistry of these two exceptional musicians. DJ MAX’s adept mixing abilities guarantee a smooth transition between songs, giving listeners an immersive experience.

No matter what you think of This mixtape has music for everyone, whether they prefer upbeat dance music or sentimental ballads.

Below, you can listen and download.