Young Busayo Olaitan, a Nigerian woman with poliomyelitis, participates in the viral “Of Course” challenge and discusses the challenges brought on by her illness.

The “Of Course” challenge, which has subsequently gained widespread attention, highlights the distinctive qualities of a topic or a person voicing their thoughts.

“I fall sometimes without anyone pushing me,” said a woman with special needs and poliomyelitis who participates in the “Of Course” challenge.

In a now-viral video, the stunning woman who was born with poliomyelitis discussed the daily challenges brought on by her disease.

She highlighted a few, including being stigmatized by friends and family, having difficulty getting back up on her feet at times, finding it difficult to be in a relationship, and believing that she was born this way.

Even after enumerating the difficulties of being who She truly exuded happiness and joy, evoking strong feelings in social media users.

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