A Nigerian woman has used social media to share the horrific story of how she got hooked up at a well-known event in Abuja.

The young woman described her unsettling meeting with a man who purportedly stunned her since she started her hookup company. She believes the event is a “true-life” experience.

The TikTok user revealed that wealthy men will be present at the event, to which she had received an invitation from a friend.

The woman was eager to experience the opulent lifestyle and was hoping to make a lot of money by spending the night with one of the wealthy guys in attendance.

A Nigerian woman talks about her unsettling first-time hookup in Abuja, saying, “I wish I hadn’t gone.”
She asserted that she thought that staying one night would allow her to pay her rent, buy new clothes, and more with one of them.

The woman was given over to a man, thinking it would result in a large payout, after completing what she called a selection process.

But when the wealthy man allegedly said he wanted to have sex with her in a strange place—something she never expected—the scenario took a surprising turn.

She stated in her video that at first, she was thrilled about the money she anticipated receiving from the meeting.

Her excitement subsided, though, when the man disclosed that he intended to do a particular sexual act that she found uncomfortable.

The TikTok user continued by expressing how upsetting the The man asked for her.

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