“That’s My Name” is a song by Nigerian artist Ty Bello featuring Angeloh and Gaise Baba. The song is a catchy, upbeat tune that celebrates the power of identity and self-confidence.

The lyrics speak of the importance of claiming one’s own name and being proud to be who you are. The beat is bouncy and infectious, with a chorus that is easy to sing along to. It’s the perfect song to get everyone on the dance floor and having a good time.

The combination of Ty Bello’s soulful vocals, Angeloh’s smooth rap, and Gaise Baba’s infectious hook make for a fun and enjoyable listen. This song is sure to be a hit in the Nigerian music scene, and it’s the perfect track to get people singing and dancing.

Nigerian songstress and songwriter Ty Bello recently released her newest single, “That’s My Name”, featuring Angeloh and Gaise Baba. This song is part of her debut album “Heaven Has Come”.

The song is Ty Bello’s first collaboration with both Angeloh and Gaise Baba, bringing together three powerful voices to deliver a powerful message. The three artists are all about expressing their own truths and bringing a new layer to their music.

The song speaks powerfully of identity. Through their unique voices, the three artists deliver a message of self-acceptance and the power of being true to oneself. The lyrics are both inspiring and empowering, and the production of the track is beautiful and captivating.

Ty Bello’s mission is to create music that brings people together and expresses a universal message of love and acceptance. With “That’s My Name”, she has delivered on her mission. The track is a powerful reminder that we should be proud of who we are and that we are all connected.

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