This entire charade is not only a disgrace to Tinubu and his gang; it is a terrible insult to all Christians. And it’s a telling sign of what we would be served if this band of criminals manage to gain office.

In 2014/15 the beneficiary limited the deceit to himself and his false promises. Tinubu has gone rogue!

After ignoring the genuine aspiration of Christians to be granted inclusion in his ticket, he now goes to parade crooks enrobed in desecrated priestly garments. These blokes were known to his team otherwise they could never have gained such privileged access to his campaign podium.

And it is a testimony to the fact that lying Jagaban is way too set in his dishonest ways to turn back. His entire life is clothed in dishonesty and deceit; he cannot be weaned from his evil ways. And to him, the end always justifies the means! That is how he’s ended up with the wealth of Lagos in his personal and family’s pocket.

If he gets into power, he won’t do any differently. And with an alleged Boko Haram sponsor (Jonathan, 2017) as his deputy, he will be held to permanent ransom to continue to do evil even if he might want to do good.

And make no mistake about it; his Yoruba heritage will mean nothing to him; he has long jettisoned those concerns since he set his eyes on the Presidency.

His marriage to a Christian Pastor will mean nothing either. It is clear that her voice does not matter otherwise he would never have descended to the point of using fake bishops! Just imagine if Moslems could catch a fake sheik in their assembly; he would not leave the place alive. (Deborah’s case is very fresh).

Some faiths serve up dishes they would never allow in their menu.

Tinubu has, with this inconsiderate choice of an M-M ticket, particularly with a Jihadist terrorist as running mate, demonstrated his utter disdain for the opinion of Christians.

In response, I also personally pledge my allegiance to oppose and fight everything that seeks to promote the ascension of this clearly dishonest criminal to the seat of power. His ascent can only bode an ill wind to Christians; it’s time to rise against it!

Credit: church gist

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