“The world would have been a better place, if we kept our virginity until marriage” – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, an author and online tutor from Nigeria, continues to educate the general population.

The lawmaker made a public statement on Twitter claiming that people would have retained their virginity and postponed having sex until marriage if the world had been a better place.

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He publicly denounced premarital sex and further educated men about its risks while speaking eloquently in this arena.

As he put it:

“You will engage in sexual activity once, and once only. yet again. As you eat more, your appetite grows stronger. So wait till you get married before reawakening that hunger. Watch the environment. Would Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all waited to get married?

“Your peers are secretly crying when they laugh at you when you are a virgin. They only laugh outwardly to influence you to imitate them. You can mimic them in only five minutes. But they will never be like you in 5 million years. Keep it, then. You are unique!”

“Going after women slows down your life’s development. Because you run in different directions when you pursue women. Focus is impacted. Chase success instead. Because you are pursuing a single goal, you are concentrated when you do. Women will pursue you when you catch it.

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Is sex a barrier to success?

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