See What A Monkey Did To This Beautiful Lady That Got People Talking; Shocking Video Drops and Goes Viral

A video currently circulating on social media captures the moment a lady struggled with a monkey pulling on her hair.
While many fashion trends are fun to rock, the downsides to some of these trends aren’t always as enjoyable.

A case in point is the story of a lady with braids whose trip to the zoo was quite eventful.

In a video shared on Instagram by blogger, @atinkanews , a lady sporting floor-length red braids is seen struggling with a monkey who appears to have grabbed a fistful of her braids.

The video starts with the lady battling it out with the little monkey all to no avail.

However, she gets help from a man who eventually gets the monkey to let go of the braids.

The video left many people cracking up. While some hilariously tagged it an abuse of the zoo, others tried to justify the moŋkey’s decision to grab the braids.

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