Rev MBaka Again Gospel Mixtape

One of the biggest mistake most record label make is using outdate method of promotion in this 21st century.
Yes, also selecting the wrong song at the right time. Perhaps the right song at the wrong time
That’s not all, picking a marketable artist is also a big challenge. Trust me, a good artist isn’t same as being marketable.
Let leave problems, let talk about solutions. But we can’t get a solution without knowing the source or cause of the problem.
After 8 years of working with several record labels, I realized that most give up easily because they started wrongly either by signing artist based on emotion or relationship or because they think they have enough money to promote.
Listen, money without good afstructure will vanish into the tin air in few months. Especially in this music industry where everything looks like a Casino, Big risk and Gamble.
If you can’t play strategically, you can’t win
My name is Oracle. I am the founder at Alabareports International Limited . PRESIDENT OF PROMOTERS…
We help record label build business structure, that enables good selection of artist, choosing the right songs for promotion, and picking the best promotion strategy for artist brand.
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