Report Yourself – Police Give Portable 72-Hour Ultimatum

Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, a controversial singer, has been given 72 hours to report to the nearest police station or face arrest by Friday, according to the Ogun State Police Command.
Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state’s police public relations officer, confirmed the news in a statement on Wednesday.

Mr. Oyeyemi claimed that Portable had been warned to report to the police or face being detained.

He further stated that Portable’s father had agreed to take his son to the station after pleading on his behalf.

Remember that on Tuesday, two videos that showed the singer swearing at certain personnel of the Force in Ogun state went viral.

He asserted in the video that he was being detained at his bar by police after an internet fraudster brought them there.
his employees “without cause.”
Oyeyemi, the spokeswoman for the Ogun State Police, clarified that the police decided to arrest Portable after five invitations were issued to him directly and another through his father, but he refused to show up for any of them.

He added that the Zazu singer’s invitation came as a result of a petition from a young studio owner who alleged that Portable and his helpers thrashed him into a stupor and closed his studio.

After receiving the petition, a letter of invitation was given to him five times, but he refused to show up at the police station, according to Oyeyemi. He was once more sent an invitation letter via his father, but he refused to arrive at the station.

“His arrest was made because the police did not want a breakdown of law and order,”