Portable Almost Gets Arrested In Delta State
Portable Almost Gets Arrested In Delta State: Talented and controversial Nigerian street inspired singer, Portable is once again in the limelight for getting into trouble with the law.

Portable has been sauntering from one issue to the other since his emergence into the music space. It’s always one issue every week and it would seem to some fans that he is chasing clout.

Although, we don’t know how true that is. Our guess is that trouble just seems to find him wherever he goes. This time, he almost got himself arrested over an undisclosed issue in Delta State.

Portable was seen in a live recorded video challenging some police officers who attempted arrest. Officers of the Nigerian police were bent on apprehending the Zazoo crooner and his team in Delta state, but he openly resisted the arrest and confronted them.

The video shows the singer explaining the situation and made mention that he is a celebrity, and as one, he shouldn’t be treated in such a poor manner of approach. He then asked the police officers if they have an idea of his net worth as an artist. But in the end, the issue was amicable handled.