representative in the state, one of the thought hooligans endeavored to take the official’s firearm, hitting him on the head, which at last prompted his demise.

Osifeso also revealed that police officers from the Oyo State Police Command’s Moniya Area Command were attacked while conducting a lawful intelligence-led Stop and Search near a significant black spot.

In addition, 12 motorcycles belonging to suspects involved in the incident have been seized by the police.

The incident occurred while the team of agents, led by Inspector Stanley Ikhine, was on patrol and stopped a Lexus 350 Jeep in an ash color with a number that was almost erased.

The vehicle initially followed the officers’ instructions, but it quickly increased its speed, evading the on-duty officers. The vehicle was pursued by the police as a result of this suspicious behavior.

A couple of meters from the underlying stoppage point, the Jeep switched off the street into a close by carport, where it was taken by holding up punks who were likewise engaged with the crook cycle, hindering the officials from playing out their obligations and helping the SUV and its inhabitants’ getaway.

The criminals attempted to steal a rifle from one of the officers and attacked the officers without warning.

Simultaneously, a shot was released from the barrel, and sadly, the daring official died, getting an extreme catastrophe for his skull from one of the punks while keeping them from taking his gun.

The officer’s body has been deposited at the Ibadan state morgue.