Asake, the well-known musician, has recounted how he used to be taken “for granted” by others because he was “too humble.”In a video circulating on social media, Asake says to several pals that it’s preferable to be egotistical than “too humble,” emphasizing that being too humble frequently results in contempt.
Based on personal experience, Asake stated that when a person exhibits egotism, others perceive them as unapproachable and assign greater significance to them.
“I think humility is a waste of time,” he stated. People aren’t grateful for it. In the end, perception is all that matters in life. That is my way of thinking. It is my universe.I’ve been with individuals that I attempted to letI let them express who I am, but they didn’t seem to value it. As an artist, I’ve attempted to let people know who I am when I’ve been around them, but they didn’t seem to enjoy it. If you’re a humble artist and you go somewhere, people will take you for granted. They will, however, like you more if you have ego since they will feel that you are unapproachable. Seeing what you’re doing is more entertaining to others than you being humble. Just do what needs to be done, then.

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