PaBrymo has just released a new single, “Dey Play” featuring Odumodublvck. The track is a smooth mixture of hip hop and R&B, with a heavy emphasis on the melodic side of the genre.

The track opens with a simple but catchy beat, and Odumodublvck’s soothing vocals add an extra level of depth to the track. The beat is further enhanced by subtle layers of background synths and keys, as well as some light guitar work. All of these elements come together to create a track that is incredibly easy to listen to and enjoy.

The lyrics of the track take a more reflective tone, as PaBrymo and Odumodublvck reflect on their lives. The two artists talk about their dreams, successes, and failures, and how all of these experiences have shaped them. The lyrics also contain a lot of self-reflection and introspection, making the track an interesting listen.

The production on the track is stellar, with a great balance between the instrumentals and the vocals. The mix is tight and the overall sound is consistent throughout the track. The production works perfectly with the lyrical content, creating an overall atmosphere of introspection and reflection.

Overall, PaBrymo and Odumodublvck have created a great track with “Dey Play”. The production is impeccable, the lyrics are thoughtful and introspective, and the melodic qualities of the track make it incredibly easy to listen to and enjoy. This is a great track that is sure to please fans of both hip hop and R&B.

PaBrymo, an incredibly gifted Nigerian afrobeat musician and songwriter, has just released another chilling hit song titled “Dey Play.”

To make it extraordinary, he collaborated with the incredibly gifted Nigerian rapper and singer Odumodublvck.

This brand-new song is also a part of his just-released “City Boy EP” music album.

Every music lover’s playlist should include this original mega hit tune.
This amazing piece of music is one you won’t want to miss.

However, the majority of the songs on this jam may be familiar to you.

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