Apostle Obi Pax-Harry, TY Bello, Davina, Sinmidele and George Alao (Spontaneous)

Apostle Obi Pax-Harry, TY Bello, Davina, Sinmidele, and George Alao lead spontaneous worship at TY Bello’s in the song “OYI BIRI.” Apostle Obi Pax- Harry visited our green living room a few weeks ago, and we had a wonderful time of worship, prayers, declarations, and impartation. It was a commissioning, which we knew.not only for those of us sat there, but for everyone participating in this session of prayer. The words that kept coming back to me will never be forgotten.”My heart is open, gather the wind, blow the wind!” Guys, this is really the message of the season: to maintain open hearts from a position of rest, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us as He pleases, especially during times of uncertainty.

The previous three occasions, I discovered that the same words have come while holding a microphone.Initially in the green living room, then in the Ikeja listening party, and most recently in Dallas, Texas, at Glory of Zion. For individuals who have closed their hearts to God because they have extremely strong, inflexible views about who He is and how He works, I fear that this will be a difficult season. Here is the maxim: “Where God goes, we go.” Our country started a new chapter today, and I think that in order for us to play our part in the days and years that lie ahead, we must keep our ears on God’s heart and pay close attention. We have to be impulsive and go where He goes. letting go of previous ideas about what we thought about how this transition would go and what our role would be.

Every magnificent God expression and wisdom that we exhibit while being guided by the Holy Spirit is what our country longs to see manifested. To reach God’s destination—a lovely God surprise—you must follow God’s heart. You are a part of God’s grand plan for the country, whether you realize it or not.God’s powerful shock. CREDITS: David Joshua made the recording for Ideal Concept Solutions. By George keys performed by TY Bello, Davina, Sinmidele, Apostle Obi Pax-Harry,

David George and Taiwo Apatira shot the video, while Temiloluwa Films edited it.