Omah Lay has just released his new single, “Time (Suffer Suffer),” featuring Kalash, and it’s an absolute banger. The track is a seamless blend of both artists’ styles, with Kalash’s smooth flow and Omah Lay’s signature R&B vibe. The catchy beat and mellow melody is sure to be stuck in your head in no time.

The track starts off with Kalash’s verse, rapping about his struggles and the time he’s been through. He reminds us that “life ain’t all roses,” and that we should never give up hope. Omah Lay follows up with a bridge that is both optimistic and soulful. He sings about the need to keep pushing forward and to never stop believing in ourselves.

The chorus is where the track really kicks into high gear. Omah Lay sings about the importance of taking time to appreciate the moments we have, and to not worry too much about the future. The song is an anthem for those suffering through hard times, and provides a much needed reminder that we can all be okay in the end.

Overall, “Time (Suffer Suffer)” is a great collaboration between Kalash and Omah Lay. The track is sure to be a summer hit, and it’s a great reminder to take the time to appreciate the present.

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