Oladips ft Tekunbi – Right Path

Oladips, a well-known musician from Nigeria, has just released his most recent musical masterpiece, “Right Path.” This year has seen the release of a number of other captivating songs, and Oladips’s latest addition to his remarkable record is this lovely song.

The very amazing record “Right Path” highlights the enormous talent and ingenuity of both artists and includes a vocal participation from the exceptionally brilliant superstar Tekunbi. The collaboration between Oladips and Tekunbi is audible throughout the song, resulting in a seamless fusion of their distinctive vocal styles.

The renowned music producer Kasyfire handled the creation of “Right Path” with finesse. Kasyfire has produced a captivating backdrop for Oladips and Tekunbi to shine on thanks to his remarkable abilities and knowledge. The enticing rhythms and melodious instrumentals are excellent together.

the moving words, creating an altogether unique musical experience.

You will enter a realm of unadulterated musical joy as you listen to “Right Path”. Your heart and mind will certainly be changed by the soulful singing, insightful lyrics, and alluring tunes. This song serves as evidence of Oladips’s extraordinary talent and his capacity to produce music that deeply connects with listeners.

So go ahead and listen to “Right Path” and enter the amazing universe created by Oladips’ music. Share this magnificent work of art with your friends and family so they can experience the soul-stirring melodies and moving lyrics for themselves. Oladips has once more demonstrated his potential as one of the best.

and reputable musicians in the Nigerian music scene.
Today, take part in the genius of “Right Path” and set out on a musical adventure unlike any other. Allow the alluring sounds and profound feelings to lead you on the road to musical enlightenment.

Listen and download below.