Nigerian tailor returns $5k he found in his client’s bag of clothes, Nigerians reacts

After a Nigerian tailor by the name of Abdulrahman Abdullahi returned more than $5k he discovered in his client’s bag of clothes, another interpretation of a modest existence and integrity has been credited.

Abdullahi claims that the client brought some clothes for a future service but was unaware of the pricey error, only for him to discover $5k within.

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He claimed that 50 $100 bills made up the money and that he was forced to return everything to the owner.

He received a lot of attention when he made this announcement on his Twitter account.

He stated:

This morning, a man brought a in my fashion house to me work. I discovered 50 items for $100 inside the Ghana Must Go where he had placed his cloth. But I’m pleased to report that I securely returned it to the owner to make that announcement.

In the midst of the scandal, some Nigerians praised him while others criticized him for missing his chance.

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