Nigerian music enthusiasts, it’s time to weigh in on a thrilling musical showdown!

BNXN‘s “PRAY,” released on May 11th, 2023, is a track that exudes the power of faith. Produced by the talented Magicsticks, the song serves as a reminder of the significance of perseverance and determination in our lives. BNXN’s lyrics uplift and inspire, encouraging listeners to push forward relentlessly in pursuit of their dreams.

On the other hand, Ruger‘s “Jonzing Boy,” dropped on May 12th, showcases a different vibe. Produced by KukBeat, this uptempo record features unique melodies and captivating rhythms, allowing Ruger to showcase his versatility and vocal prowess. “Jonzing Boy” is set to be part of Ruger’s highly anticipated debut album, “RU THE WORLD (RTW),” which is due to arrive in the coming weeks.

As we delve into a comparison between these two impressive tracks, it’s worth noting their current rankings on the Apple Music top 100 Nigeria chart. BNXN(Buju)’s “PRAY” has claimed the coveted 3rd position, while Ruger‘s “Jonzing Boy” sits at number 37. These rankings indicate the popularity and reception of the songs thus far.

It’s time for you, the audience, to voice your opinions. Which of these songs has struck a chord with you? Are you moved by the inspiring and uplifting message of “PRAY,” or do you find yourself drawn to the infectious melodies and energetic vibes of “Jonzing Boy“? Share your thoughts and let the world know your favorite.

Remember, music is a form of personal expression, and there’s no right or wrong choice. So, cast your vote and join in the conversation. We eagerly await your verdict!

Between BNXN(Buju)’s “PRAY” and Ruger’s “Jonzing Boy” – Which Is Your Favorite Song?
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