Singer Efya has refuted claims that the music businesses in Ghana and Nigeria are comparable, asserting that Lagos is “bigger” than Ghana.Nigeria’s music business is ahead of Ghana’s due to its numerical advantage, according to Efya.
The Ghanaian musician emphasized that rather than drawing parallels between the two West African nations, they ought to work together.
In a recent interview, Efya stated that the music marketplaces in Ghana and Nigeria are not the same, speaking with City 105.1 FM in Lagos. There are far more Nigerians than there are of us. These days, numbers are really important. There is a difference in the number of Nigerians who will stream music and Ghanaian music in Nigeria and Ghana, respectively. There is a difference in the numbers.When it comes to statistics, Lagos greater than Ghana. It is comparable to the music hub. Nigerians outnumber us in size. So, I normally say, “Do you guys know?” when I witness someone comparing.
“There ought to be no analogies made. Our actions should, in my opinion, be more cooperative. Discover our vibrations and combine them to shape the future of Afrobeats; let us become the guardians of our own sound. And I believe it to be the move of power.

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