As Nigerians, we have seen many presidents come and go in the past few decades. However, when it comes to the three presidents that stand out the most, Jonathan, Obasanjo and Buhari are certainly the most recognizable names. Each of them has had their own unique contributions to the nation, but when it comes to the award of the worst president, who should really be crowned with this title?

It is difficult to truly make a fair judgment since each president has had their own unique challenges that have shaped their time in office. However, when looking at the overall record of each president, it is hard to deny that former President Jonathan was the worst of the three.

During his time in office, Jonathan was widely criticized for his inability to bring about any meaningful change. He was accused of being too comfortable in his position and of not making any real effort to improve the quality of life for his people. His government was also widely considered to be highly corrupt, and the nation’s economy suffered greatly during his tenure.

In comparison, former President Obasanjo was far more successful in his efforts to bring about change. He was considered by many to be a competent leader and was credited for improving the nation’s infrastructure and creating jobs in the process. He also successfully introduced a number of reforms that aimed to tackle corruption and promote economic growth.

Finally, President Buhari has had a mixed tenure as president. His government has been successful in tackling corruption and he has implemented a number of reforms that have helped to improve the nation’s economy. However, he has also been criticized for his slow response to the numerous challenges facing the nation.

Overall, it is difficult to give an accurate answer to the question of who should receive the award of the worst president. However, it is clear that Jonathan is the least successful of the three, and thus it is likely that he would be the recipient of this title.

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